Frequently Asked Questions

What is a psychic/intuitive reader?

A psychic or intuitive reader is someone who is able to connect to energy beyond what natural laws know. They are people deeply connected to our spiritual roots. You may hear them say they're deeply connected to the Creator Source/God/The Universe and use that connection to help provide guidance, protection, and cultivate spiritual well-being through various mediumship tools, such as: energy healings (Reiki/Shamanic Practices), divination tools (runes, tarot, pendulums), and even through simply talking to clients one-on-one.

Are you certified reader/healer?

While it is not a requirement to be certified for energy healing/tarot readings...I am pleased to announce as of January 2022 I am a fully Certified Reiki Master under the Usui Lineage. I am deeply grateful and happy with my reiki experiences. Keep in mind while finding a psychic who's best for you, some of the best psychics and healers I have ever met are uncertified.

What brought you to this line of work?

When my family transitioned out of Mormonism into a more atheist lifestyle, I still held fast on my agnostic beliefs about the spiritual world & universe. I always felt connected and knew someone was looking out for me during the rough years of my life. In 2020, I lost my father and got out of a nasty relationship. Those tragedies carried on until that summer when I felt myself straying more toward research about The Divine Feminine and my connection to the energy. I wanted to heal myself as a woman, and love myself and others more deeply, and find guidance and understanding of the chaos around me. I bought my first tarot deck that fall and fell in love with the comfort, guidance, and peace divination brought me. I always experienced what I called "sensations" growing up. Now I know it was my clairsentience upon spiritual growth since first starting tarot. I studyied and practiced tarot ever since. As of 2024, I am looking to get certified for tarot readings as well.

What are your spiritual focal points?

With spirituality, a healer and soul must focus on their souls overall. In my studies, I have focused on love and relationships (heart chakra energies), past-life transmutations and healings, shadow-work transmutation and healings, self-love with divine feminine energy, baneful magic transmutation and healing. As of 2024, I am in pursuit of being certified as a death doula as when my father passed it was very unexpected and painful. I want to be able to help others with their own transitions to provide peace of mind to them & their loved ones.