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The Rose Garden Light

Love & Relationship Mini Tarot Reading (Pre-Recorded)

Love & Relationship Mini Tarot Reading (Pre-Recorded)

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There is no greater force than that of love...whether it be for yourself, others, or the universe around you. Love is a powerful and undeniable force that can both be painful and a blessing. With The Rose Garden Light, you can recieve guidance on what problems & obstacles you're facing in your relationships. This reading will be prerecorded and sent via email.

*DISCLAIMER! In accordance with the law, what you are purchasing from this listing is a virtual session with me. Not an actual product unless stated otherwise. In addition, you must understand during each session, our sessions are considered entertainment, and all advice given should not overseed any professional medical, financial, or legal advice you have been given prior or in the future. By purchasing a reading/healing, you are agreeing to this disclaimer.*

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