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The Rose Garden Light

Past-Life Tarot Full-Reading (Pre-Recorded)

Past-Life Tarot Full-Reading (Pre-Recorded)

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Our soul journeys hold many reincarnations & mysteries woven within the threads of time and humanity. It's a remarkable thing to be able to look at our past lives and learn and heal from the knowledge we find within. With this past life reading, The Rose Garden Light will help you dive into your past lives to uncover what truths you need to comfort or learn about today. These readings are designed for convinece for those who don't have time to sit down for a session. I offer these readings to those whose time zones can't quite match up with EST. Each session will be pre-recorded and sent via email.

*DISCLAIMER! In accordance with the law, what you are purchasing from this listing is a virtual session with me. Not an actual product unless stated otherwise. In addition, you must understand during each session, our sessions are considered entertainment, and all advice given should not overseed any professional medical, financial, or legal advice you have been given prior or in the future. By purchasing a reading/healing, you are agreeing to this disclaimer.*

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