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The Rose Garden Light

Pre-Recorded Psychic Reading

Pre-Recorded Psychic Reading

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Life at times can be a puzzle to decipher...sometimes it takes a little bit of investigating to understand what's going on. This reading is designed for those who want to resonate with whatever spirit brings up in diving timing to share with each customer. A general reading with The Rose Garden Light is aimed at providing helpful advice through the divination of tarot. General readings follow no specific topics. Each general reading may or may not cover a broad spectrum of topics in one person's life. Love and Relationships readings can focus on self-love, romantic relationships, and healing past traumas. Shadow work readings help us confront our inner demons. Past-live readings are windows into what we need in the present...sometimes it's just fun to know what you were doing back in the day. This reading will be pre-recorded and sent via email. Processing time is at the minimum week. 

*DISCLAIMER! In accordance with the law, what you are purchasing from this listing is a virtual session with me. Not an actual product unless stated otherwise. In addition, you must understand during each session, our sessions are considered entertainment, and all advice given should not overseed any professional medical, financial, or legal advice you have been given prior or in the future. By purchasing a reading/healing, you are agreeing to this disclaimer.*

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