Welcome to The Rose Garden Light!

Welcome to The Rose Garden Light!

I feel as though I'm on a wild episode of Doctor Who.

I was pushed to my breaking point these past few months trying to get my business formed, organized, and keep working consistently while working a full-time job...and now it's all finally happening. I feel like I'm in this regenerative state forming this new version of myself.

This summer tested me with my self-image...I initially thought of giving up on my dream of being a full-time tarot reader simply because of past trauma & other's opinions about me. However, I'd like to thank God & my spirit guides for always pushing me to do things even when I'm cranky and just want to eat a snack and sleep. I appreciate you all so deeply, love you <3

So, without further ado, I am truly pleased to be able to share my new website with all my followers. This has taken a lot of weeks to prepare, edit, and create all the images for my website. All the logos and images were made by me, shout out to my digital designing classes in college. The previous www.therosegardenlight.com had terrible interfacing and user-friendly navigation both for blog posts & shopping. I thank Shopify for making this process smooth, simple, and fun.

NEW CHANGES: I know you are wondering what's new...so allow me to give you a brief overview of some changes to my small business. I've incorporated a blog where you'll find fresh new posts about writing, spirituality, life, and spiritual guidance. There is more availability for those who cannot meet me for a face-to-face session with my pre-recorded tarot sessions. With the purchase of a one-hour-long tarot session, the clients can choose the option of receiving free spellwork tailored to their needs. I've also added healing and transmutation spellwork sessions to my site as a service to my website. As a special thank you, use the code GRANDOPENING when checking out for 30% off your purchase.

Thank you all for your support and appreciation towards my small business. I appreciate and am thankful for all the support.

 -Gracie, The Rose Garden Light


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